Highest Individual Scores in One Day International(ODI) Cricket History

In the world of ODI cricket, Rohit Sharma dominates with an unmatched 264 runs off 173 balls against Sri Lanka . Martin Guptill follows with 237* runs, trailed by Virender Sehwag with 219 runs.

Here is the list of batsmen with highest indvidual scorers in ODI cricket:

Sr. Player Team Against Date HS Team Score
1 Rohit Sharma India Sri Lanka Nov 13, 2014 264 404
2 Martin Guptill New Zealand West Indies Mar 21, 2015 237* 393
3 Virender Sehwag India West Indies Dec 08, 2011 219 418
4 Chris Gayle West Indies Zimbabwe Feb 24, 2015 215 372
5 Ishan Kishan India Bangladesh Dec 10, 2022 210 409
6 Pathum Nissanka Sri Lanka Afghanistan Feb 09, 2024 210* 381
7 Fakhar Zaman Pakistan Zimbabwe Jul 20, 2018 210* 399
8 Rohit Sharma India Australia Nov 02, 2013 209 383
9 Shubman Gill India New Zealand Jan 18, 2023 208 349
10 Rohit Sharma India Sri Lanka Dec 13, 2017 208* 392
11 Glenn Maxwell Australia Afghanistan Nov 07, 2023 201* 293
12 Sachin Tendulkar India South Africa Feb 24, 2010 200* 401
13 Saeed Anwar Pakistan India May 21, 1997 194 327
14 Charles Coventry Zimbabwe Bangladesh Aug 16, 2009 194* 312
15 Fakhar Zaman Pakistan South Africa Apr 04, 2021 193 324

Rohit Sharma’s Magnificent 264: 

Rohit Sharma’s record-breaking 264 runs, the highest individual score in ODI, against Sri Lanka showcased the elegant and powerful style that has become his hallmark. This remarkable innings, played on November 13, 2014, was a breathtaking display of precision and timing. Sharma’s effortless strokeplay and unwavering concentration made it an unforgettable day for cricket fans worldwide.


Guptill’s World Cup Heroics: 

Martin Guptill’s unbeaten 237 during the 2015 Cricket World Cup, the highest individual score in the ODI World Cup, was a defining moment in New Zealand cricket history. With the pressure of a global tournament, Guptill’s innings was a testament to his mental toughness and ability to perform when it mattered most. His innings featured remarkable shot selection and composure under pressure.


Sehwag’s Explosive 219: 

Virender Sehwag, known for his fearless batting, unleashed his aggressive prowess in the ODI against the West Indies on December 8, 2011. His 219 runs, including a barrage of boundaries and sixes, sent a clear message – in ODI cricket, boundaries are just a matter of timing and intent. It was a memorable innings that showcased Sehwag’s unique style.


Chris Gayle’s Towering 215: 

Chris Gayle, also known as the ‘Universe Boss,’ has a reputation for annihilating bowling attacks, and he did just that when he scored 215 runs against Zimbabwe on February 24, 2015. His colossal hitting, combined with his raw power, reminded fans of the sheer dominance he could exert on the game.


Fakhar Zaman’s Double Century:

 On July 20, 2018, Fakhar Zaman became the latest entrant into the exclusive club of double centurions in ODIs. His spectacular 210 against Zimbabwe was a masterclass in modern ODI batting, characterized by aggressive strokeplay and remarkable fitness. It underlined Pakistan’s young talent and their potential to redefine the game.

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