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Tips and Tricks for Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football

Fantasy cricket and Fantasy football are amongst the most popular fantasy games in India today. Online gaming enthusiasts have a huge interest in playing fantasy games related to sports especially cricket and football as it brings the game at their fingertips. Here, the users create a virtual team of real players and with the right skill and strategy, win the game. Each player has a point and the scoring happens based on how the selected players perform in the LIVE matches.

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India Women vs Australia Women, Women's T20 World Cup Final Match: Fantasy Cricket Tips

Smriti Mandhana likes to feast on the Australian bowlers. She was the highest run-scorer in the tri-series before the T20 World Cup: her scores against Australia read 35, 55, and 66. Overall, she has smashed 384 runs at 42.66 in a mere 10 matches against them, including a highest score of 83.

Beth Mooney's last three scores read 81*, 60, and 28. In the final of the tri-nation series, she had scored a spectacular innings of 71* off 54 against India. Her team would be expecting yet another encore.

One reduces the opposition to a punching bag, while the other smothers them with slow and deadly leg-spin. Shafali Verma and Poonam Yadav have been the golden girls for India in the tournament: Shafali has blasted 161 runs with a strike rate of 161 and Poonam tops the bowling chart with 9 wickets at 9.8.

Captain and vice-captain suggestions
Captain: Shafali Verma, Beth Mooney
Vice-captain: Smriti Mandhana, Poonam Yadav
Link: India Women vs Australia Women, Women’s T20 World Cup Final: Match Prediction

Afghanistan vs Ireland, 1st T20I Match: Fantasy Cricket Tips

Paul Stirling is the highest run-scorer in T20Is between Ireland and Afghanistan. He has blasted 471 runs with a strike rate of 147, including three fifties.

Mohammad Nabi has had his moments against Ireland. He has scored 468 runs including two half-centuries. In addition he has trapped 15 Irishmen in his off-spin. He is the No. 1 all-rounder in ICC T20I Rankings for a reason.

Gareth Delany has been Ireland's top all-rounder in the past 6 months. In 20 games he has scored 383 runs at 25.5 and scalped 16 wickets.

Hazratullah Zazai is the only centurion for Afghanistan against Ireland. His 162* is the second-highest score in the format. In all he has scored 360 runs with a strike rate of 209 against them.

Captain and vice-captain suggestions
Captain: Muhammad Nabi, Paul Stirling
Vice-captain: Gareth Delany, Rashid Khan
Link: Afghanistan vs Ireland, 1st T20I: Match Prediction
More Cricket Match Prediction & News
  1. Understand player performance

  2. One of the common errors made is, selecting a player just on the basis of their reputation and ignoring their current form. Players like Yuvraj Singh or Harbhajan Singh were in great form in 2012 and 2013, but if we talk about today, then they are not seen in many matches. It is much better to go for players who are seen playing in most of the matches. This way, you are sure to pick players, who are playing on a regular way in the current cricket matches.
  3. Understand the pitch performance

  4. Any cricket lover will understand that every pitch is different. Yes, of course we don’t suggest you go to every pitch to check it out in person but doing a bit of research is required for sure. A flat pitch is every batsman’s favorite and for such a pitch, selecting the minimum number of bowlers is a good way to plan your gameplay strategy. Similarly, Eden Gardens has become a fast paced pitch as compared to a spin friendly pitch that it was considered for years. Based on the pitch the game is played on, you can pick the teams accordingly. If you are thinking how to win fantasy cricket, then you need to get this cricket strategy just right.
    Other than that, you should also look closely, how the pitch has behaved in the previous matches and then take a calculated decision.
  5. Make sure your players are playing on that day

  6. This looks like a very basic thing but is often totally overlooked. The worst thing that can happen for you is to pick a team of players that are actually not playing the real game. The smart cricket tip is to avoid players who have been benched throughout the season. Further, if you have any doubt whether a particular cricketer is playing your selected match, avoid selecting him, no matter how great his records show. If you make a team that has players who are not actually playing the live game, you will just lose the match for sure.
  7. Calculate the investment made

  8. There are certain players who are priced on the higher side and yet don’t perform up to the standards of their bid. Selecting such players would mean, you invest significantly more on such players and yet not get the desired outcome. A good fantasy cricket game strategy would be to focus on the young and talented players and create a balance for your team. This will give you better results and you would be able to win more cash rewards as well.
  9. Select top order batsmen

  10. There are the top players like MS Dhoni and they are considered the best hitters of the ball, but when it comes to the batting order they come at #5, #6, #7. What it does is, reduces the opportunities to bat as compared to the top four batsmen. This plays an important role especially when we talk about ODIs and T20s. So, do you really want to pick batsmen who may or may not get an opportunity to bat in the game? Select players who are batting in the first four positions to improve your cricket game strategy.
  11. Bonus points

  12. When you are playing with a point system, then you definitely want to score additional points as well. There are bonus points awarded for catches, stumpings and even run outs. It is important to track players who regularly take catches and do fantastically well as fielders. This is sure going to improve your point score.
  13. Strike bowlers

  14. It is not just batting, but you also need to plan well when you select the bowlers. Selecting bowlers with low rates, will not really help you close the targets. Of course, that means you will not get too many points as well. It is important to select wicket taking bowlers, even though they may be giving away more runs. Select players like Amit Mishra and Yuzvendra Chahal, who may give a six once in a while, however their wicket taking appetite is high.
  15. Choosing the captain and vice captain

  16. The captain earns you 2X points while the vice-captain gives you 1.5X points. The combination of these two people is quite crucial for your team. Yet, you need to utilize these points in the most effective way possible. The best way to get this done is by selecting an all-rounder captain who can give the best performance on the field and also gives the maximum number of points.
  17. Pick the right planning approach

  18. By now you would have understood the most important fantasy cricket tips to form the right team and win the match. Another factor that you should always keep in mind is planning well ahead and then keeping track of the fixtures. You need to decide on the initial team and of course pick the substitutes, as per the upcoming games. Putting the strategy right at the beginning is one of the most important things to ensure your win in fantasy cricket.
  19. Picking uncapped players

  20. When you are playing fantasy cricket games, each team also requires to have one uncapped player. Uncapped players are those who are yet to play at least one international match for their country. You can pick bowlers who bowl in the middle overs and also the wicket keeper batsmen.
    Yes, it is important to strategize about your team, however it is equally important to enjoy the game. Every cricket lover already understands the game, now you just need to get into the decision maker’s shoes. With each game, your strategy will improve, and you’ll get more confident in selecting players and forming a winning combination. Also, visit our how to play fantasy cricket section to learn more about the game.
  1. Understand Player Performance

  2. In order to maximize the points, it is important to have an idea as to how you want to line up your players. Players like Mesut Ozil, Leighton Baines, Pepe Reina were great in the last few years. However, their current form has dropped significantly, and they are way past their prime. It is much better to go for players who regularly feature in their team and this way you are sure to gain points from their performance.
  3. Make sure your players are playing on that day

  4. It is very important to keep track of the injuries and the fitness level of the players you select for your team. Sometimes even big players do not get to play the entire match and end up on the bench being unused or only playing for a limited amount of time.
  5. Consider the investment made on each player

  6. Strikers are usually the most expensive players in a fantasy football game as they score high. Selecting players who regularly provide higher points compared to other players that are in the same price range is very crucial. It is also good to invest on one top level forward. Ideally, he should be a player who is likely to be playing every week.
  7. Look out for differential players

  8. These are the players who are not selected by many fantasy teams. They may be priced lower than other popular players, but they end up scoring more points than any popular player that has been selected in almost all teams!
  9. Choosing the Captain and Vice-captain

  10. A captain earns you 2X their points and the vice-captain earns you 1.5X the points they score. So the selection of these two players is quite crucial for your team. You can end up selecting the right captain and vice-captain and still score high when other players of your team have not performed well. It is advisable to select top players who are sure to score goals or provide assists for their teams. At times, selecting defensive players who like to attack also helps, as they earn more points for their contribution in attack.
  11. Choose designated set-piece players

  12. Set-pieces in football are penalties, corners and free-kicks. These situations enhance a chance of a goal being scored and can result in extra points earning for a player. It is advisable to select such players that regularly take free-kicks, corners and penalties for a team which maximizes their earning potential. They can also become a good option for captaincy in your team.
  13. Lookout for Home and Away fixtures

  14. Set-pieces in football are penalties, corners and free-kicks. These situations enhance a chance of a goal being scored and can result in extra points earning for a player. It is advisable to select such players that regularly take free-kicks, corners and penalties for a team which maximizes their earning potential. They can also become a good option for captaincy in your team.
  15. Lookout for Home and Away fixtures

  16. Home fixtures are those which a team plays in their own stadium and away fixtures are those that they play in the opponents’ stadium. Some players might have a great home record but a dismal away record and vice-versa. Make sure you look for such patterns in a player. It is also generally assumed that a team plays well and wins more matches at home than away. However, it will not always be true.
  17. Follow player and team news

  18. Follow the manager’s press conferences that usually take place one day before the match where you can get the idea of how they will set up their teams and which player is more likely to play or benefit from that playing style. You could also get information about fitness and return of players from injury from these press conferences. Also, keep an eye for players who are playing for their country in international matches and are performing well. Selecting them during league matches might help you increase your chances of a high score.
  19. Watch out for player transfers

  20. New players can join a club or rise through the ranks for their country from time to time. Usually after a transfer window in January or at the beginning of a new season in August, there can be a few new players in a team. Make sure that these players are well settled in their new clubs and only select them if you are confident, they will play and score points. At times, a player might bring his good form from his previous club and hit the ground running and earn you a lot of points right away, so watch out for all the incoming players.
  21. Create a balanced team

  22. It is always advisable to select a balanced team in terms of different positions such as defenders, midfielders and forwards and also in terms of selecting players from both the teams playing the match. Sometimes upsets do take place and a top team can get beaten by a lower ranked team. In such cases if you only have players selected from the top team, you would end up scoring fewer points. Similarly, being too reliant on only say midfielders can lead to loss of points from defenders and forwards.


If you are playing fantasy cricket, then look out for toss

Make a practice of tracking the toss and make last moment changes before the match start based on who is playing first.

Other tricks which will help you in both fantasy cricket and football are below:

Match prediction helps

Read the match prediction which is generally published many hours before the match to understand the upcoming match details from the experts.

Post-match presentations

Always look for the previous post-match presentations to understand the strategy or any important announcements made.

Type of contest

There are multiple contests around an upcoming match, and based on your expertise and knowledge, you choose the same wisely. For example, if you are a beginner, you can start with a low-fee contest and test your skills, and once you gain enough confidence in prediction and strategizing in making your team, you can go ahead for higher-fee contests as well.

Check for our promo codes

There are different promotions happening at different points of time, and at times there are promo codes offered for the limited time period where the platform gives you discounts and offers which can help you play more.

Best time to make fantasy teams

This is a little tricky, but at times this can help a lot when keeping a close look over players’ news: you get to know last-minute injuries or players not playing, eventually helping you in making decisions before the match takes place.

Pick the best players from each team

It would be wise to select the best players from each team and also the players you know are popular and likely to score more points.

Creating multiple teams & joining multiple contests

The trick works better for better skilled users, because creating multiple teams or joining multiple contests is thought to increase your chances of winning but also need more expertise as you would be putting up more entry fees as well.

To summarize, you should always make sure that you have made the perfect team with the best information available on all players and expert opinions as well. Tweaking your team until the start of the match as you get more updates is also advisable and keeping track of players’ form, fitness level and past records will help you make a more informed decision.

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