Winning at fantasy cricket has as much to do with picking the right players as it does with timing your line-up correctly. We’ve collected our top 5 fantasy cricket tips to help you get ahead of the competition this season, no matter which format you play in. Take note!

Tip #1) Research Beforehand

You can’t just go with your gut feeling – you have to have stats and facts to back up your decisions. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. If you aren’t making wise decisions during your initial season, then how will you fare in future seasons? Now is also a good time to research which players from each team are best for fantasy cricket; what they do well, their strengths and weaknesses.

Tip #2) Look for Good Value Batsmen

Good value batsmen are those who tend to average more runs per ball than their team’s overall strike rate. Looking at last year’s stats, for instance, you’ll see that Player X is ranked 4th in terms of average runs, but he was also backed by an above-average strike rate. So while Player X might not be as attractive in fantasy cricket games as he is in real life – these stats will allow you to identify good value players and form your best XI accordingly.

Tip #3) Don’t be hard on Yourself

If you’re new to fantasy cricket and have only selected three or four players from one team, you may find that your chosen captain doesn’t do too well. Don’t give up on him just yet! There is no right way to play fantasy cricket, so feel free to pick any combination of players as long as they meet their minimum requirements.

Tip #4) Pick Wicket Takers

As opposed to picking consistent run scorers, picking wicket takers is important because you want to find those players who get their wickets through low scores (which means they are more likely to get a five-for or ten-for). Also, most of these guys bowl some overs too, which helps you. Try to pick one fast bowler and one spinner if possible.

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Tip #5) Choose Fantasy Cricket Teams Carefully

If you’re going to play fantasy cricket, make sure that you do your research before signing up. You’ll want to go through all of your favourite players and pick out which ones are available on your favourite fantasy cricket app. Make sure you choose them early so that you can get an advantage over other players in head-to-head matches. If you’re playing in an office league or some sort of competition with friends, be mindful of how close they are to picking their teams as well.


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