Fantasy cricket is the most popular skill-based sport in India, thanks to the constant growth of cricket in the Indian subcontinent. Due to the huge rewards on offer, competition between players is now fierce, as millions of users every day vie for the ultimate prizes. My11Circle fantasy cricket app allows users to create multiple teams. Many new players are also keen to join the game, win money, or simply spend time with their friends. However, since they are new to the game, they may not be aware of how users lose money while playing fantasy cricket. To alert them and to help them earn maximum benefits from this platform, given below are three ways to avoid losing money:

Play practice fantasy cricket matches instead of real money games.

New users who are not acquainted with the ins and outs may find it hard to create great teams in fantasy cricket. A person can also overestimate their winning ability and think that their teams could be the best, only for their hopes to be dashed later. To get a feel of the game, it is suggested that users play practice games before applying their skills in money-based fantasy cricket gaming. Once a competition is over, players can refer to their rival’s teams and understand their strategies to win more games. Additionally, practice games tend to be free of cost, so users can also lose several times without it making a dent in their bank balance.

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Make use of fantasy cricket tips to create teams

Fantasy cricket tips and tricks can be significant in helping users to create optimal teams to maximise their winnings. Tips before a game can help players decide who would be the best option. For example, a great player may seem like a likely pick in a fantasy cricket squad. However, if they struggle with a certain kind of bowling, and the opposition is packed with such bowlers, it would not be advisable to pick them. Similarly, if a strong team is competing against a really weak team, it would make sense to change the player combination depending on who is batting or bowling first, as the opposition may not even be able to complete the stipulated number of overs.

Create only as many fantasy cricket teams as you believe have a winning chance.

Some players, out of insecurity or indecisiveness, may create the maximum possible teams (20), and after randomly captaining players, may pray for lady luck to strike them. But this is an incorrect approach, and you could stand a chance of losing more than you gain. Fantasy cricket is primarily a skill-based game, and players should not rely on luck to win competitions. It is suggested that players create only as many teams as they believe are likely to win, even if that number is only one.


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