The more you learn the better, and My11Circle helps you do just that. All games have components of skill and odds in equal parts, and playing fantasy sports is no different from the rest. The chances are, however, that you have tried your best to win live fantasy tournament cricket challenges, thinking that you selected the right team for yourself and hoped you would win the jackpot, and it all turned out to be wrong.

This is exactly where My11Circle helps you with the best-in-class analysis that your fantasy cricket playing skills may lack.

Why read the predictions of My11Circle fantasy cricket?

The first and foremost reason is that during gameplay, human emotional bias creeps into the players’ choice of their dream teams. If you like a particular cricket star, for example, you may unknowingly choose him for your team. What happens if that player is not in their top form or does not perform well in that particular match? You end up losing in a situation that you could have avoided simply by removing your own conscious bias from the game.

My11Circle predictions are based on computational analysis and statistics that take the human emotion away and provide you with practical, step by step suggestions to help you maximize the skills of the players you choose during a particular match. Not only does this help you choose a better team, but it also helps you stack the odds of winning against any other team in your favor. In short, you get to have the best fantasy cricket team in India’s leading fantasy cricket game simply by following suggestions and guidance that the My11Circle app provides you!

Are the predictions real-time?

The My11Circle engineering team has devised a highly sophisticated algorithm that tracks each player’s performance in real-time and generates predictions that have a high degree of quality and accuracy, far superior to other fantasy cricket gaming apps. Predictions in the My11Circle app are customized according to your gameplay, and updated real time based on the performance of the player. So, at any time, you know exactly how well your chances of winning are, and what steps to follow to beat other players who may not be following the predictions. Winning not only becomes easier, but also more likely!

Overall, why choose the predictions?

My11Circle has some of the best brains working with world class technology to make our players achieve their dream winning scores. The predictions that are generated are streamed right into your phone through the app and are displayed even while your game is on. As a result, even if you face some minor setbacks along the way during the middle of a game that you’re playing, you can instantly turn your fortune around by following the predictions and getting advice from your most trusted fantasy app for cricket! This feature is used by some of our top players to choose their team players, organize the order in which they are selected, and even eliminate options that may not be suitable at the time.

With the My11Circle predictions feature, you are following a genuine map into the league of the best players in mobile fantasy cricket and not just blindly trying your best. You’re winning money instead of losing it. Isn’t that what great gaming is all about?


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