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You aren’t a mere spectator anymore. You get to be the manager of your team. Fantasy games have added more fuel to our excitement. Know how this new trend is taking everyone by surprise.

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How to save yourself from losing money during a fantasy cricket match?

Fantasy cricket is the most popular skill-based sport in India, thanks to the constant growth of cricket in the Indian subcontinent. Due to the huge rewards on offer, competition between players is now fierce, as millions of...
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Best Fantasy Cricket Strategies 2023

Fantasy cricket has overtaken our minds and hearts like no other. Cricket fan or not, everyone is joining this cricketing revolution and using their cricketing knowledge to compete against the best in the world. However, it can...
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Pros and Cons of Creating Multiple Fantasy Cricket Teams

Fantasy Cricket is one of the most played skill-based sport in our country, thanks to the popularity of cricket in the subcontinent. Due to the massive growth of Fantasy Cricket in recent years, the rewards for it...
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How to choose a captain for your T20 fantasy team

Indian cricket captaincy has been a hot and keenly debated topic over the last few months. So, we decided that it was a good time to tell the users how to choose a captain for their fantasy...
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Best Fantasy Cricket App for T20 Leagues

Every year the T20 tournaments captivate billions around the world. As the cricketers go for sixers and wickets, spectators cheer their every move, creating an atmosphere of excitement and exuberance. But cricket is not limited to...

India Women vs Thailand Women, Semi-final, Asia Cup: Today’s Match Preview, Fantasy Cricket Tips

We have opted for a fantasy cricket team based on the recent performances, overall impact, and credit points. Pitch Report (Based on last 3 games)
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India vs Pakistan Head to Head in T20: Stats, Most Runs, Leading Wicket-taker &...

The contest between the two arch-rivals from Asia – India and Pakistan – is always billed as the most anticipated contest of any tournament they play in. This can be largely attributed to the long-standing rivalry between...
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How to Win Fantasy Cricket Mega Contests

Fantasy cricket is the new craze in India. From young to old, everyone wants to join this fantasy revolution and feel the excitement that it generates. Traditionally, the only way cricket fans would feel close to the...
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How To Pick a Winning Fantasy Cricket Team

Cricket is more than a sport in India. Over the years, the love for the game and adoration for the players has blossomed manifold. Right from auctions to live-action, the excitement has shifted from staying glued to...
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How to Win in Indian T20 league

The love of cricket is undeniable, and fantasy cricket is just another way to experience the adrenaline and fun this game can ignite in people. Whereas there are many ways to win the...


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