Stop. Think. Act?

No, we say strategize, strategize, strategize.

Sounds easy? Trust us, It’s not. When it comes to playing fantasy cricket and the related tournaments, you don’t act right after thinking about things. You wait, put skill to it, strategize, and act. And yes, to make the hottest fantasy cricket strategy, the most important of all is – keeping your head cool. Don’t get overwhelmed. There’s a lot more to the game than just downloading it. Making a team. Choosing the right players. LOTS of research. And then there’s you.

Let us help you with what keeps you thinking about the strategies to abide by, in fantasy cricket. We connect with a lot of fantasy cricket players, and more than getting into the technicalities of the game, here’s a little something that they tell us. For them, the following have been the best strategies to perform well during a match. Have a look.  Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Say no to partiality – As tough as it may sound, let go of your favourite player. You don’t cling on to them for the fanboy or fangirl in you. You choose the form of players instead, and make a strong team with them. They say always focus on choices while making good strategies. Don’t get involved in solving problems – think about solutions. For instance, the problem at hand could be the captain you’ve chosen doesn’t perform well on the current pitch – think whether you’d like to keep the same one or change the players. This will make the conversation more concrete, helping you focus.
  • Learn by Doing! – You’ll get better at the game of fantasy cricket if you try to handle the team over and over again. You will not get better at the first game. Once you find a strategy that works, it’s always a good idea to stick to it, but at the same time, keep experimenting and changing it according to the nature of the tournament you are in. You’d then understand how learning is always and always a good idea when it comes to fantasy cricket.
  • Play for fun! – While a lot of you could argue that you perform best under pressure, the truth with fantasy gaming is you will be the best version of yourself when you play the game for entertainment. Don’t make it an escape from anger, monotony, or any such emotion. Play the game when you want to relax, and you’d make the best teams with the best captains! Believe it or not: but you’d thank us for this pointer later!
  • You don’t have to play every SINGLE game – It sounds tempting. Challenging. And Bold. We know. But this is not an exam. It’s a game. Minimise losses by figuring out what kind of tournaments you best perform in. Play quality matches and focus a little less on quantity of them. The numbers of matches could keep increasing, but if the tactic and skill is not increasing a bit, there’s no point playing a fantasy cricket match.

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We’re sure you’d be able to design strategies better now – Good Luck with the next game!


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