Opinions are not facts.

And most of the people tend to miss this very thing. Social chatter has now become a thing of trend. Online Gaming garners a lot of attention. And it then translates into a lot of myths. You see a lot of pictures on the web saying ‘proven’. And come across a lot of posts that make you believe in how ‘you can win every fantasy football match’. Let us break it to you – You DON’T win all the time. Here are a few other things that the internet has made you believe about fantasy football, but we’ll just announce the realities right here –

  • Myth #1 – If you’re a fan of football, you’ll absolutely win the Football Fantasy Matches –

Reality: We get it. You love watching the tournaments. You’ve been giving the sport a lot of attention, time, and energy for years now. When it comes to fantasy football, you’re probably one of those players who makes a spreadsheet including stats about the form, performance, and previous matches of the players. But trust us, none of this secures a win. Fantasy Football matches are real-time, and moreover, preparation never secures a sure-fire win. You get better at playing fantasy sports only with time.

  • Myth #2 – Stick to a single plan while choosing the team

Reality: If you stick to one way of picking players, you’ll always end up using the same strategy and that doesn’t work in fantasy football matches. In any league of 12 players, you get to pick 1 in every round. Which simply means that 11 people out of 12 are not going to be in your hands. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have a plan. But be able to adjust it so that you’re not left thinking what you could have done right.

  • Myth #3 – If they have the same Bye Week, avoid them

Reality: There are a lot of good fantasy players out there who don’t include Bye weeks in their plan because they don’t want to fall for this myth. Firstly, you’ll have to assume that every player is on the roster and in a healthy form whenever bye weeks are rolling around. There could be many poor performances, trades, injuries – a lot of your draftees/players won’t be relevant. Worry about the tournament at hand and let the bye weeks take your time only when they’re closer.

  • Myth #4 – There are a few players you MUST start every tournament with

Reality: Sure, there are a few players who play more frequently than the others, but it doesn’t mean that you’d follow their blueprint. Moreover, fantasy football is about making the best team within the budget. Every major line-up of winners won’t have that one player, the list is very dynamic. Don’t try to jump on the hype train – make informed decisions instead.

Well, while we hope we could help you debunk a few myths, don’t get lost in the chatter around and keep practicing on My11Circle fantasy league app to become better at fantasy football every SINGLE day!


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