Fantasy cricket has overtaken our minds and hearts like no other. Cricket fan or not, everyone is joining this cricketing revolution and using their cricketing knowledge to compete against the best in the world. However, it can be relatively difficult for the new players to win big in their initial attempts. Practice and experience count for a lot when it comes to fantasy cricket. Even the experienced players need to constantly come up with newer strategies to compete against the best. Let us look at the best fantasy cricket strategies and perform better in our next match.

Checking Player Performance

Checking player performance is an extremely critical part of your strategy. You not only need to be aware of a player’s recent and historical records, but you also need to gather information on a player’s performance against a certain bowler under certain conditions. The more knowledge you gain, the better suited you are to succeed in fantasy cricket. It is essential that you use your fantasy cricket app to check for player performance and whether the player is making the probable XI. You also need to review your team after the toss is done and check the performances of players that you have not included. This will help you not miss any key player from your XI.

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Analysing the Conditions

Cricket is the only game with huge differences in playing conditions worldwide. You need to be aware of the conditions and the weather predictions for the match. Certain players need conditions on their side to perform, so you need to always pick your team depending upon the match conditions. Always focus on the pitch report before the match to understand how the pitch might behave. While choosing a team for a test match, you may have multiple issues since test matches are played over 5 days, predicting the pitch before the match can be tough. Therefore, test matches need to look at past matches and analyse what players have performed well in those conditions.

Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain

Choosing a good captain and vice-captain is extremely important for you to succeed. As you may be aware, captain and vice-captain give you the most points. So, you need to be extremely sure about the person you choose as your captain and vice-captain. Choosing the two positions at random may give you an advantage at an odd match, but it would not be good long term. You first need to make sure that your captain and vice-captain are certain in the match. If, for some reason, either or both of them are not included in the final XI, please make sure to replace them immediately and pick good players for both positions.

Creating Multiple Teams

It is always best to play fantasy cricket with multiple teams. No matter how good and skillful you are, you could have a bad day. To ensure that you often succeed, always play with multiple teams, with the core intact. On all your teams, you should have 4-5 common players. The rest could be different players, which allows you to cover most players, if not all, playing in the match. One of the strategies is to pick the same XI for your multiple teams, with different captains and vice-Captains. This is done when there are many equally great players on the team.

Signing Off

Picking and playing with your team can be thrilling. So, what are you waiting for? Play fantasy cricket now!


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