Fantasy Cricket is one of the most played skill-based sport in our country, thanks to the popularity of cricket in the subcontinent. Due to the massive growth of Fantasy Cricket in recent years, the rewards for it have also dramatically increased. For major competitions such as the Cricket World Cup, or even tournaments such as the Indian T20 league, the prize pool is massive. My11Circle fantasy cricket app allows users to create multiple teams per competition, as the user may wish to try multiple combinations in case he/she is not confident of the single team they have created. However, this can have several pros and cons. Let us take a closer look at them:

Pros of creating multiple Fantasy Cricket teams

There are several pros to creating multiple Fantasy Cricket teams, which are as follows:

  • Multiple Fantasy Cricket teams enhance the chances of a player winning a competition. Let’s say a player has entered a competition with a maximum capacity of 10,000 teams, and he has only one team. The chances of them landing the top spot will only be 0.0001%, which is extremely low. However, in case they create the maximum possible teams (which is 20 per player on most apps), then it could greatly enhance their chances of winning.
  • Sometimes, a player may feel extremely confident about their team, but the team may not perform as expected. The top run-scorer may get dismissed for a duck, or the bowling all-rounder may not get a wicket due to an unfortunate umpire’s call. In such instances, it is beneficial to have multiple teams, in case your one-and-only squad does not perform on the given day.
  • Creating multiple teams enhances a user’s chances of clinching multiple rewards. E.g., when a user invests more money, then they get to reach a higher level in the game, which helps them to receive more bonus rewards. Even if they do not get any huge winnings, the bonus amount could cover up any small losses and assist them financially in creating better performing teams in the near future.

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However, there are also several cons to creating multiple Fantasy Cricket teams, which are:

  • In case a user is under-prepared for a competition, or acts hastily, then they could stand a chance of losing money
  • Creating multiple teams can be time-consuming, and in case a user’s schedule is packed, they may not be able to give their 100% focus on creating so many teams. This could again lead to a loss of money.

To conclude, we would suggest that users create multiple teams if they feel confident enough and have enough time and energy.


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