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  • MEGA Contest Leaderboard : PAK T20

    Get Ready to be the Mega Champion, this Pak T20 league. Participate daily in the Mega Contest & Win from   50 lakh on the leaderboard

    Terms and Conditions

    • This contest is applicable across all matches for the Pak T20 league from 20th Feb to 22nd March
    • In order to be eligible for the leaderboard prizes, a user needs to play a minimum of 3 Mega contests during the Pak T20 league
    • You can join up to 11 teams per Mega contest daily
    • Post every match your score will be displayed on the series leaderboard, and if you are at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the series,  15 lakh is yours
    • Get Ready to Win Big


    Player Substitution Feature

    Substitution Rules Explained

    Substitution Rules

    Your substitute(s) will come into action when your already chosen player(s) is not a part of the playing XI

    • A player with status NOT PLAYING in your playing XI is replaced with a Substitute with status PLAYING
    • You can select upto four Substitutes regardless of their Credit Points
    • Decide the priority order of your substitutes: S1, S2, S3, S4
    • A player can be replaced with a substitute of a different Player Type. For example, an all-rounder can replace a batsman if all the team-making rules are followed

    Team-making rules applicable even after Substitution:

    1. The total credit points of your team should always be less than or equal to 100 even after a NOT PLAYING member of your team is replaced by a Substitute.
    2. Your team should have 1-4 wicket-keepers, 1-6 batsmen, 1-6 all-rounders and 1-6 bowlers.
    3. You can select a maximum of 7 players from one team.


    Substitution will NOT take place if any of the above rules is violated. Make sure you choose your Substitute players such that all the rules are followed for Substitutions to take place.

    How Substitutions Work?

    Step 1:

    Select up to 4 players as substitutes in addition to 11 players in your team and set the priority order as S1, S2, S3, S4.

    Step 2:

    A player from your team is not a part of the Playing XI, that is, he/she has the status NOT PLAYING.

    Step 3:

    Substitutions will be automatically initiated and the system will replace your NOT PLAYING player with a substitute who is PLAYING in the match, going by the priority order S1, S2, S3 and S4.

    If more than one players have the status NOT PLAYING in your team, the following steps are carried out to decide who will be substituted first

    1. Captain is replaced if NOT PLAYING.
    2. Vice-Captain is replaced if NOT PLAYING.
    3. The players with the highest Credit Points are replaced if NOT PLAYING:
      1. If there is more than one NOT PLAYING member with the highest Credit Points, the Player Type is checked in the following order:
        1. Batsmen will be replaced first
        2. All-Rounders will be replaced next
        3. Wicket-Keepers will be replaced next
        4. Bowlers will be replaced at last
      2. If there is more than one player of the same Player Type with highest Credit Points, the player’s name that is first in Alphabetical Order of their display name will be selected for substitution first. For example, Rohit Sharma will be replaced ahead of Steve Smith, with both having the same Credit Points(9.5) and the same Player Type (Batsman).

    Step 4:

    If your Captain or Vice-Captain gets replaced by a Substitute player, then the Substitute with the highest priority becomes the Captain or Vice-Captain of your team

    Assume that this is your team for a match between India and Australia.

    Playing XI Player Type CPs C/VC
    R Pant WK 9  
    V Kohli Bat 10 C
    R Sharma Bat 9.5  
    D Warner Bat 9 VC
    S Smith Bat 9.5  
    H Pandya AR 9  
    R Jadeja AR 9  
    P Cummins Bowl 9  
    J Bumrah Bowl 9  
    A Zampa Bowl 8.5  
    Y Chahal Bowl 8.5  
    Substitutes Player Type CPs Order
    K L Rahul Bat 9.5 S1
    K Jadhav AR 9 S2
    A Finch Bat 9.5 S3
    S Samson WK 9 S4

    Suppose Hardik Pandya is NOT PLAYING:

    • Step 1: Check if S1 = KL Rahul (9.5) can replace H Pandya (9)
      • Not possible as doing this will increase Total Credit Points to 100.5
    • Step 2: Check if S2 = K Jadhav (9) can replace H Pandya (9)
      • Possible as K Jadhav has as many Credit Points (9) as Hardik Pandya
      • Hence, K Jadhav replaces H Pandya in the team

    Suppose R Sharma, R Pant and D Warner are NOT PLAYING:

    • Step 1: Check if any of the NOT PLAYING member is the Captain
      • No, hence we move to the next step
    • Step 2: Check if any of the NOT PLAYING member is the Vice-Captain
      • Yes, David Warner is the Vice-Captain, and so, he is considered for substitution first.
      • S1 = KL Rahul (9.5) cannot replace D Warner (9) as selecting him takes the Total Credit Points to 100.5. You need someone who has as many or less Credit Points than D Warner.
      • S2 = K Jadhav (9) replaces D Warner (9) as your Total Credit Points now remains the same.
    • Step 3: Check the players who are NOT PLAYING and have the highest Credit Points
      • R Sharma is assigned more Credit Points than R Pant, so he will be considered for substitution first
      • S1 = KL Rahul (9.5) replaces R Sharma (9.5)
    • Step 4: Check the remaining players
      • Only Rishabh Pant is yet to be replaced
      • Rishabh Pant is considered for replacement with S3 = Aaron Finch, but it is mandatory to have at least one WK. Hence, S4 = Sanju Samson(9) replaces R Pant(9).
    • Step 5: If Captain or Vice-Captain was substituted, the Substitute with the highest priority will become the Captain or Vice-Captain
      • KL Rahul becomes the Vice-Captain of the team

    NOTE: (If Samson was assigned more Credit Points than Pant or wasn’t a WK, Pant could not have been replaced and you would have had to play with a team of 10 PLAYING and 1 NON-PLAYING CRICKETER.)

    Concussion Substitution

    Following are the rules for concussion substitution in the match:

    • The concussed player taken out of the team will retain his points scored till that time. The substitute player replacing the concussed player will now be considered as PLAYING and will start scoring points for your team.

    Case 1: Concussed Player in your Playing XI

    The player will NOT be substituted and his points will be counted till the time of concussion

    Case 2: Concussed Player in your Substitutes

    If the concussed player was initially substituted in for another player who was NOT PLAYING, he will remain in your playing XI and his points till the concussion will be counted

    Case 3: Concussion Substitute was already in your Playing XI

    If the concussion substitute was already in your Playing XI and was substituted out due to NOT PLAYING status before, he will be included back in your Playing XI and his points will be counted

    Case 4: Concussion substitute was in your Substitutes

    If the concussion substitute was in your substitutes list and he was skipped for a substitution before as his status was NOT PLAYING then, he will checked again for substitution and will be included in the team if team making rules follow

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