Cricket is more than a sport in India. Over the years, the love for the game and adoration for the players has blossomed manifold. Right from auctions to live-action, the excitement has shifted from staying glued to TV screens to OTT platforms. But one thing has been constant: the way we root for our favourite teams and players. But with Fantasy Cricket , the dynamics of teams and favourites have definitely changed. While we always have our loyalty in place, the appreciation of the game from players of both teams is no longer overseen. After all, each action amounts to points, right? With that in mind, let us look at a few ways to maximise your winning chances on best fantasy cricket app and end up on top of the table.

Know your game

Fans are often said to be armchair experts with no audience. It’s time to convert your expertise into match-winning combinations. It is no longer enough to know how many wickets a player will scalp or how many runs he could garner. Every action on the field turns to points for the player you pick. The best fielder, the pinch hitters and the agile throws can help you up your score!

Stay glued from the start

Now you have a perfectly valid excuse to tune into the pre-match discussions with experts and watch the toss and announcements with gusto! Watch out for who’s in the playing eleven and who’s out, especially during delayed starts. Know the reasons for the change so that you are better prepared for future games too.

Captains and vice-captains can be game changers

The ideal captain and vice-captain candidates are those who contribute irrespective of which stage the game is at. Do not limit yourself to averages and numbers; one catch, one runout, a bowled wicket or stumping can turn the tables in your favour, as can poor economy rates and batting averages.

Don’t judge at halftime 

Many times, the game may not be turning out the way you anticipated. Being at the bottom of the table halfway through a game may be a blessing in disguise. Have faith in your judgement, and watch the magic unfold when you least expect it.

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Form Matters

Don’t judge a book by its cover and limit your expectation with a player based on the last scorecard. Looking at the bigger picture and understanding a player’s capability with his past record will help you make more informed decisions. Every game can create new match winners.

Keep an eye on your credit points

While it is tempting to take all the players that can perform well, it is not easy to create a team of 11 with 100 points. Lesser known players have often done wonders in nail-biting finishes, especially if they are playing on home ground, as they understand the conditions well.

More teams mean more chances

To enhance your chances of winning and to ensure a better winning probability, create multiple teams with varying combinations. If your favourite players are not performing, and you still can’t let them go, this is a good way to keep both your heart and brain happy.

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Try your luck with friends

Although you can play free contests before taking a plunge into bigger cash contests, you may not have the real feel of victory. You can create private free or cash contests within your friends’ circle and feel on top of the world, with well-deserved boasting rights. 

So are you excited for the next game of cricket to play along?


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