Indian cricket captaincy has been a hot and keenly debated topic over the last few months. So, we decided that it was a good time to tell the users how to choose a captain for their fantasy cricket team.

A captain makes or breaks a team. A good captain can take an average team to the pinnacle of success. However, if the leader is not capable, the team may underperform and not reach its potential. Fantasy apps reward this virtue of the leader and have designed their games by providing extra points for the captain. So, if you play fantasy cricket and want to win cash, it is crucial to know how to select a good captain. A good captain doubles your chances of winning, numerically.

Remove the personal bias of a fan

Let’s be honest. Every cricket lover has a personal favourite whose success thrills them beyond measure. Emotions play a significant role in cricket fanfare. But fantasy cricket is a slightly different ball game. When you aim to win money, it is advisable to stick to logic and data while choosing a captain. So, decide on a captain not because you’d like to see that player do well, but because you think that the chances of that player succeeding are higher than that of others on the given day.

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Look for multidimensional players

Multidimensional does not mean an all-rounder. It is true that all-rounders stand a better chance to be involved in the game for a longer period. However, selecting an all-rounder does not always guarantee success. By multidimensional, we mean a player who has a flexible game, regardless of the discipline he pursues. He can be a top-order batsman with the advantage of facing more deliveries compared to others. Or, he can be someone who can hit big during the slog overs. That gives this player an advantage over someone who is just an opener or a lower-order hitter. Look for batters who are great catchers; they can always add value to your team and give a few extra catches.

Don’t be afraid to be a little mad at times

Normal can be boring at times and can hinder your progress, too. So, it’s not a bad idea to be a bit uncanny, something that catches your opponents off guard. Like a good captain would do – by sending a pinch hitter up the order or throwing the ball to a player who hardly rolls his arms over. Follow your gut, trust a debutant or a newbie who is still fresh, and the teams have not figured him out yet; go ahead and make him the leader of your pack. Of course, do your background research, records at the local level or junior cricket, how suitable he may be for conditions. Once done, go for it and shock others. After all, the higher the risk, the greater the reward.

Watch and study sport, track the marquee players

Knowledge is power. So, try to accumulate as much information as you can by consuming sports diligently, for it may not be easy to do all the research at the last moment. Follow the marquee players especially. Track their recent performances and observe and study how they perform in certain conditions. Apply the strategy coaches follow – horse for courses. Always keep an eye on how the regular winners are doing and their strategy. Refrain from copying them, though. Develop your own strategy and niche but learn the tricks of the game like a studious student of the game.

Making a perfect team takes effort. Finding the perfect captain only adds to it. However, a patient approach based on regular research and analysis eases the load. The joy of success gets doubled when you know that you have put in the hard yard. So, like a lion-hearted captain, do your work, trust your judgement and conquer the world. Victory will be yours!


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