The love of cricket is undeniable, and fantasy cricket is just another way to experience the adrenaline and fun this game can ignite in people.

Whereas there are many ways to win the Indian T20 league on My11Circle, we have put together few simple tips that one can use to win this game.

Pay attention to the toss 

A toss can be a complete game-changer for your team. Any toss can make you make the last moment changes as per your plan. So always look out for it. 

Understand match predictions 

Reading match predictions will always help you understand the ongoing situation at the cricket ground. It will help you anticipate the upcoming problems and strategize your next move. 

Post-match presentations 

Start watching the previous post-match presentations. You will get to know if any important announcements were made for the upcoming match and how you can act upon those making decisions. 

Types of Contest 

Several contests go around an upcoming match. If those contests are based upon your knowledge and expertise, you should only opt for those. To start with, you can go for a low-fee round and understand how skilful you are. As soon as you get enough confidence, you can begin predicting and strategizing your team with better chances of winning. 

Players news 

You winning the game totally depends on your players. So you must keep track of your players through the help of news. 

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Choose the best players. 

It will be a wise decision to choose the best players. Read their game history, know a bit of them, understand how popular they are and how likely they will help you score more points. 

Look for our coupon codes.

Many promotions are running at various times. Sometimes, promo codes are available for a limited period when the platform gives you discounts and deals that might help you play more.

In conclusion:- Above written tips and tricks will help you make the most of your game. But remember, there is always a practice mode that you can choose to play and realize yourself what works best for you at and your favourite Indian T20 league fantasy cricket match.


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