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If you’ve been trying to figure out how to land a perfect fantasy cricket team or an easy way to predict which team would perform better, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re someone wanting to be the most prepared player during the fantasy cricket league, read on.

There is no such thing as a perfect player, perfect pitch, or a perfect team – but there are perfect ways to become better at creating a fantasy team on fantasy cricket app. So yes, know the balance, let go of expectations around perfection – and bam! You’re already halfway through.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you gear yourself up for the upcoming matches –

DO’S –

  • Practice patience: Before getting into the technical aspect of creating a team, don’t forget to be patient and persistent. There would be times when no strategy would work in your favour, grit it out instead of quitting and feeling bad about it. Constant improvements and practice will reap benefits in the long run.
  • Know the pitch: This is one of the biggest deciding factors of the game’s outcome. So yes, do your homework before the match starts and consider everything that pitch experts have to say. You’ll need a spinner, for instance, if the pitch is good for batsmen and vice-versa.
  • Wait for the toss!: It’s always a better idea to wait for the teams to see which player they would choose to go first. We’re sure you don’t want to make a team just because you are a fan – because fantasy cricket leagues are much bigger than that.
  • Pick precisely: Choose wicket keepers and death-over players wisely. It doesn’t really matter whether you take Player A’s wicket or B, what matters is a bowler getting a wicket gets points (irrespective of the batsman). Therefore, make sure you pick up death specialists to get more wickets and more points.
  • Read: For as much as it’s about not investing in a single match, or thinking of fantasy games as the only earning source, you know what equally matters? Staying informed. From predictions to latest trends, if you’re informed, you’d definitely make better decisions.


  • But I’m a fan: Right? Wrong! Players’ stardom, reputation and heroic moments don’t matter when you’re making a team for a fantasy cricket league. What matters is their form, previous performance, and team combinations.
  • Don’t rush: Be it any league, don’t try to invest too much at the very outset. Be mindful and allocate your budget accordingly. If you’re someone who has just started, play practice games and real-cash tournaments in moderation.
  • This is not the time to stand out: If you think you’d pick out players not many have chosen and try to make a different team, you’re on the way to lose already. Make sure you go with popular choices (after doing your own research, of course). Even if you want to choose a different player, do that once in 4-5 matches.
  • Check the schedule: Keep it handy. To keep the balance of your team, you’d want to check if a particular team is playing maximum matches within a specific period, if yes, try to add as many players from that team as you can.
  • Don’t put money on middle/lower order batsmen: The chances of them contributing are bleak. Invest most in top-3 batsmen and you’d see your team performing really well: believe us!

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While these are a few warm-up pointers for the upcoming daily fantasy cricket league matches: We’re sure you’re ready to put the fantasy cricket glass to play on! Good Luck.


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