Think back to a few decades ago. Cricket was (even then) a favourite sport. TV screens an escape. Premier Leagues, a fan moment. And fantasy cricket, a far-fetched reality.

No, it wasn’t so long ago, and yet, it feels like an eternity, in terms of technology – Social media was on the verge of becoming mainstream, and first-generation devices were catching attention. Cut to 2022, fantasy cricket has the spotlight on.

Indians have always been crazy about sports – and the enthusiasm around Cricket has ever been unmatched. Thanks to smartphones and fantasy cricket platforms that are fuelling the growth of the gaming industry today. According to the FIFS-KPMG India report, the fantasy gaming market saw a growth of around 165% in Contest Entry Amount (CEA). While the numbers speak a lot about the tremendous growth, let’s look at the factors that contributed to the surge in both interest and revenues.

India: Safe to call it a tech hub?

If you ask My11Circle, the answer has always been yes. With the ongoing Premier League on, for instance, the winners are emerging from almost every strata and part of the country. If you ask if we’ve contributed a bit in making tech ‘the new normal’ helping large sections of society, the answer would be even a bigger yes.

If fantasy cricket has reached the remote parts of India:  we say it’s a win. The ‘tech-boom’, as we call it, has only powered the craze of cricket with fantasy cricket as an auxiliary to it. People glued to their smartphones, enjoying the game, and winning real-cash games almost regularly is a testimony to India becoming a tech hub for fantasy gaming and how!

The primary drivers –

  1. Versatility of the Game: Of course, needless to say, it’s accessible. You can play fantasy sports from any device. And literally from anywhere. Who would have thought about having a power in the name of fantasy cricket apps?
  2. Smooth interface for practice games: Here’s the drill, you put your cricket knowledge to test, research, make a team, put strategy, and play. Now couple that up with an amazing visual interface, smooth transitions, and instant withdrawals – isn’t that awesome? Yes, we know!
  3. Ease of Play: Well, for starters, it’s as easy as it can get. Download the fantasy sports app, click on the tournament you’d want to participate in, make your team, and game on! Earning points and winning real-cash prizes will depend on the skill and strategy you put in, ALWAYS!
  4. Robust governing bodies: Safe and secure game play, privacy policies, KYC, and so many filters around, it’s one of the safest ecosystems you’d enter in. My11Circle, for instance, makes sure you’re above 18 years of age, and enter any tournament only once the KYC is done.

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Fantasy cricket is here, and it will stay:  With more tournaments coming up every now and then, it’s just bound to become even more interesting. Popularity of the game is already skyrocketing, and the only words resonating in heads of yours and ours should be – Put your game face on! Good Luck then.


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