One of the scarcest resources great players have is: Time. A lot of it depends on how well they manage it. So much depends on Cricket Captains. How the entire team performs is driven by who the captain is. In the lexicon of fantasy cricket app, the captains are epitome of a great team. Yet surprisingly, very little is known or derived out of what and how they usually go on with their day.

Here is what the budding fantasy cricket players can learn from the usual day of cricket captains –

  1. Take Risks: This could look like a no brainer to you, but when ‘taking risks’ comes with a lot of responsibilities, you think a hundred times before that. This is what captains do. Take the example of fantasy cricket, how a few captains, only to break patterns, send somebody else to bat first instead of them going. Sure, a few times this turns out to be a bad decision, but a great lesson. Well, if you never try, you’ll never know.
  2. Master the techniques: You could be a fan of any cricket captain, and you’d have noticed one common thing; the confidence to handle the match. You know why? This happens when you know the fundamentals of the game and how. This implies no matter what the format of match is, you’d be able to get through it with a few adjustments instead of wholesale changes. The lesson? Develop the base and keep experimenting.
  3. Performing under pressure: The ability to stay calm and composed even with the disturbance around is one of the greatest virtues of great cricketers. This, in turn, helps the entire team to stay positive and motivated for the challenges to come. Extremely stressful surroundings might make you not believe in yourself at times, but hold your ground, ignore the naysayers, do it, and yes, take pictures!
  4. Fitness: If there was one thing to keep in mind, we’d want you to learn from cricketers would be this. Fitness, being understandably important for players is as important for the rest of us. Remember, when we say fit, we don’t mean the physical aspect of it. You’ll see Captains being so mentally fit and focused that they’d just believe in the game no matter what’s happening around. That’s one thing you’d want to and should achieve as soon as possible.
  5. Oh, making winning teams: This is where you and your fantasy cricket league team stands. Captains make sure they factor in both strengths and weaknesses of players and choose wisely. There is no favouritism there. Similarly, while making a team on My11Circle’s mobile app or web version, make sure you don’t let your fanboy side dominate. Research, check which players are in best shape and go with the best ones! Be the captain you should be proud of.

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While this was just an introduction to what you can learn from the Cricket Captains, there’s a lot that the game itself can teach you on a regular basis. With skill and strategy in tandem, make that awesome team and keep those lessons coming!


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