It’s no secret that playing fantasy cricket demands skills. There’s no fixed mantra to excel in fantasy sports, but one can indeed avoid making a few common errors that can lead to downfall.

If you’ve landed on this article, it’s pretty much evident that you are either new to the fantasy circuit or you haven’t had great success in that regard. So as we approach this article, we will take a look at several aspects that you should avoid in order to stay relevant and consistent in fantasy cricket.

Picking personal favorites

Skill-based games require an intellectual presence rather than an emotional approach. Fantasy cricket is no different. And so, picking personal favorites isn’t going to help you in the long run. The strategy might work in one game or two, but you can’t expect the players to play at their utmost skill in every match.

Instead, the strategy should be competent enough for you to stay within the winning margins. For example, picking an all-rounder who bats up in the order will likely give you more points. Furthermore, a wicket-keeper known for his splendid batting prowess is certain to accrue more points than his competitor.

Picking a favorite player because you have personal affection is neither luck nor a skill. What is, in fact, important is to check how that player has performed in the recent matches and the given condition.

Not knowing the playing conditions

Getting hold of the playing conditions before making your team is as significant as anything in fantasy cricket. It’s imperative to remember that, unlike other team sports, the impact of weather conditions can make or break a cricket match.

For example, if the teams are playing in clear weather, picking players with better batting skills would be an ideal way to go. Similarly, an overcast climate will assist bowlers, meaning that the match will most likely see frequent wickets. Thus, you should make the selection accordingly.

Adding to the point, one should also keep note of the pitch report as it is another vital element of the game. To begin with, flat pitches favor batters while green surfaces and dew help the bowlers.

Many fantasy users tend to overlook the conditions and randomize their picks, resulting in finishing outside of the winning margin. To avoid the mishap, keep a keen eye on the weather condition and follow the pitch report, which usually takes place before the toss. 

You can also hear what the captains have to say during the toss. Since they provide vital information, including the playing XI, you can adjust your team accordingly.

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Not knowing the points system

Those new to the fantasy world often make the mistake of not knowing how the points are allotted in fantasy cricket. Be assured that it’s a common mistake among new fantasy managers which is entirely avoidable. 

To begin with, before making your team on fantasy cricket app, take a long look at the factors that are responsible for points allocation. For example, players are rewarded points even if they are named in the starting XI. This means that one should follow up on the toss and determine whether you have missed a trick there.

Apart from the very obvious runs and wickets, the focus should also be on what kind of wicket the bowler has picked, the number of catches, run-outs/stumpings, and maiden overs, among others. On the other hand, be in line with the bonus system. Usually, captains are allotted 2x points while vice-captains receive 1.5x points. Hence, select accordingly.


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