My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App is one of the hottest apps on the market right now, but there are several things you should keep in mind before downloading it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this innovative fantasy cricket app before downloading it yourself!

1) Set Up Proper Security Measures

Fantasy cricket is a fun way to play with friends, but you should make sure your phone is secure before downloading apps. You should make sure you’re protecting yourself from all possible threats before getting involved with any kind of online game like fantasy cricket. With My11Circle, you can be sure about the privacy and data.

2) Use the Live Streaming Feature

If you’re a die-hard sports fan, you know what fantasy sports is —the game of building virtual teams using real-life athletes and competing with other players for cash prizes. Fantasy sports fans can also opt to watch games live on their smartphone, so they can change their line-ups in real time based on what’s happening on the field.

3) Create Teams Across Multiple Leagues

One of cricket’s biggest draws is its complexity. For diehard fans, fantasy cricket is a fun way to extend an interest beyond one particular league and create teams across multiple leagues. The process is easy, and there are plenty of resources available online that make it even easier for you—and your tech-savvy friends—to compete against each other for bragging rights.

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4) Turn the notifications on

If you’re new to fantasy cricket or are just trying out a fantasy cricket app, make sure you’re updated on any changes made by your league administrator. My11Circle provides notifications and updates whenever there is a new tournament, but make sure you keep an eye yourself.

5) Stay Updated on Rules Changes

If you’re a fantasy cricket player, it’s important to stay updated on rule changes. The game can change quickly, and it’s essential that you understand how changes will affect your team. Many players overlook rule changes but staying up to date allows you to react quickly during draft day or when setting your team line-up.

6) Get Familiar with Player Ranks/Scores

When downloading a fantasy cricket app, you’ll be able to view live player rankings and scores. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, here’s what they mean: The ranking indicates which player is playing well at that moment – helping you play better.

7) Establish a Weekly Budget

The Fantasy Cricket app does not charge for practice games. To help ensure you don’t go overboard with your fantasy cricket budget, establish one at the beginning of each week, and write down how much you plan on spending. This will keep your purchases in check and help you stick to a spending limit.

8) Subscribe to Team Alerts

Fantasy cricket has a lot of similar elements to real cricket and football matches. Still, you should familiarize yourself with some unique aspects of fantasy cricket before you download any apps or pick your team.

9) Avoid distractions During Live Matches

While you’re watching live matches, don’t open your app. It’s easy to get distracted when you can quickly see how other players are performing and check your line-up. If you give into temptation, it will affect your gameplay—and end up costing valuable points. You might even realize that it was a mistake later on. So, for now, just leave your phone on silent during a match. Check out players during pregame hours instead!

10) Pick Players with Consistent Performances

While it’s tempting to pick players on hot streaks, you’re better off opting for consistent performers. While someone like Player A might score a ton of runs one week, chances are he won’t replicate that performance again. Rather than taking risks with your fantasy cricket team—especially early on—stick with proven strategies that may not always have massive totals but won’t leave you hanging either.


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