Fantasy cricket apps are attracting millions of visitors across the world to play games like cricket, kabaddi, and football. Not only are the skill-based games interesting for sports enthusiasts, but they can be enjoyed by anyone who likes engaging games. They are also 100% legal in India. Cricket is the most popular sports category among fantasy app users.

Depending on the user’s skill level, one can play a free or a paid contest in a fantasy cricket app. You can select the game mode after assessing your understanding of the game and level of interest. Free contests do not provide a monetary reward but help provide clarity on how these contests work. On the other hand, cash contests are exciting and rewarding for users.

Here are tips to select between free and cash fantasy cricket contests

1. Understanding of the game

It is important to assess your understanding of the game before you decide between a free or cash contest on a fantasy cricket app. If you have a good understanding of the game of cricket and are up-to-date about the latest happenings, you can opt for a cash contest. Your understanding of the game is a critical factor in the results that you can achieve. You should look at the recent happenings around the teams that are due for a contest on a fantasy cricket app. 

2. Active time

Before deciding between a free or cash contest, you should look at the active time that you have at hand. To participate in a contest on a fantasy cricket app, you need to be active, typically before the match starts, so that you can make changes after the team has been announced. You can opt for free contests in case you are busy on a day and do not have much time to spare. However, if you can take some minutes out before the match starts, you can opt for a cash contest. 

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3. Risk involved

You should understand the risks involved before you participate in a cash contest. In simple terms, if you participate in cash contests, you are participating in contests that have a financial risk involved and expecting a reward in return based on the performance of the team that has been created by you. Before you enter any cash contest, you should understand the terms and conditions of the contest. You can play a few free or practice contests that will help you to understand the risks that are involved in the contests on the fantasy cricket apps. 

4. Fantasy cricket app understanding

In case you are just getting started with online fantasy cricket, you can look at some free contests to warm up to the concept. Once you have a clear understanding of how fantasy cricket apps work, you can then look at participating in cash contests. Free contests or practice contests help give you an idea about how the fantasy cricket apps work. You should look at participating in cash contests once you have played a few free contests. 

These are some of the tips that can help you decide between free and cash contests. The most important thing is that free contests help you understand how fantasy cricket apps work. You should understand that you do not go overboard with the free contests.

Once you have the confidence that you understand fantasy cricket apps and how contests work, you should switch to cash contests. You can look at more tips and tricks that will help you get better and log in to My11Circle to get started with your fantasy journey. 


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