Fantasy sports are widely popular these days and are played by people of all ages. A fantasy sport is a type of game where participants create imaginary teams composed of players across professional sports. Since most sports have their own set of rules, the point system also differs from one sport to the other. Players attempt to compose a team full of players who can score the maximum number of points. The player’s team who scores the most points is declared the winner. 


Fantasy sports have a rich history. The earliest recordings of these games were from the 19th century when tabletop games such as Sebring Parlor Baseball allowed players to simulate the outcomes of a game by tossing a coin into slots on a wooden board. Later versions used mechanics such as dice rolling to determine an outcome.

In the 20th century, Clifford Van Beek designed a board game that contained customised cards of MLB (Major League Baseball) players. They would be comparable to the now popular WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and Pokémon cards that users use for playing fantasy contests.

Fantasy sports grew in the 1950s and 1960s. However, the devices or rules were not effective enough to be played out over the course of a game season, nor could they take current statistics into account to make accurate predictions. 

But fantasy sports grew in popularity, thanks to print publications. Fantasy games were launched across newspapers. Thanks to the internet boom, fantasy gaming began to grow exponentially.

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Most popular fantasy sports in India

Owing to our country’s cricket craze, the sport is by far the most popular amongst outdoor and fantasy sports in India. Fantasy football gaming has also made major inroads in our country, thanks to the popularity of highly-televised leagues such as the English Premier League (EPL). De facto (not established by law) national sports – hockey and kabaddi – have made major inroads in recent years. The growth of the Pro Kabaddi League, as well as India’s historic Olympic bronze after a 41-years-long wait, have made these sports gain more interest on skill-based fantasy sports platforms. Meanwhile, prominent sports in the US, such as basketball, baseball, and the NFL (National Football League), are also gaining some ground in India.

Meanwhile, when it comes to card-based fantasy games, rummy is by far the most popular in India. 13 cards rummy, a.k.a. Indian rummy/paplu is the most sought-after game on rummy platforms. Other forms of the game, such as 21 cards rummy, gin rummy, and contract rummy, are also making waves in the skill-based gaming scene.

Tips for fantasy sports

Fantasy sports is a wonderful way to spend time competing with your friends and earn some extra money! Here are some tips to get better at fantasy gaming:

  • To avoid losing cash at the beginning, play practice contests instead of regular matches. Practice games, which tend to be free, will give you a feel of the pressure involved in mega contests. 
  • Do adequate sports research before investing in a fantasy sports game. Sports like basketball, handball, etc., tend to have lesser competition. However, unlike cricket and football, their squads are prone to rotation risks, and the starting players are generally not announced before a game. You must keep track of players’ form as well as injuries.
  • Invest only small amounts of money, and withdraw as soon as you have made profits, instead of waiting to win the grand prize or mega contest. While winning these contests can be amazing, it may not happen immediately due to the intense competition and may cause heavy losses in the near future. Hence, it is recommended to invest and withdraw consistently.


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