Cricket has never been part of the Olympics. The format and duration could be some of the reasons for the lack of inclusion of this sport in the world’s largest competitive competition. However, cricket is evolving and in the last few years the T20 tournaments are a smashing hit with the fans as well as for the leagues. Come November and there will be another format, T10 that creating a lot of buzz. The Abu Dhabi T10 is in its third year and it is a quick, exhilarating, and energy-packed game.

Shahid Afridi is a phenomenal Pakistani all-rounder who is set to debut at this T10 tournament. He will lead the Lahore Qalandars into the upcoming season. He believes this is best format that can represent cricket in the Olympics. As reported in Hindustan Times, he said, “I think fans love T10 because it is fast-paced and the matches are over in 90 minutes. Cricket should always evolve and look at ways to maintain the excitement among the youngsters, and I think the Abu Dhabi T10 provides us a great opportunity to keep testing the format, and potentially take cricket to the Olympic Games.”

He goes on to compare both the formats, he said, “My fellow cricketers are very happy with the T10 format and so are the fans. T20 cricket was not accepted widely early on, but now we have a T20 World Cup being played. So, I believe that with time, there will be more participation from established international players in the Abu Dhabi T10.”

In regard to the Qalandars, he said, “I am really looking forward to playing for the Qalandars in the upcoming Abu Dhabi T10. The franchise has also been a part of the PSL and has been supporting cricket through multiple programmes in the region. Their developmental programme received national recognition earlier this year, and I am delighted to be playing T10 for a new team. I’m really looking forward to seeing them pick a solid side and achieve our ambitions of winning the tournament.”

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