The men’s cricket team is no stranger to match fixing. This issue is now seeping into the women’s cricket team, which is garnering interest. Hence, bookies are turning their attention to these matches. So much so that two bookies approached an Indian female bowler and later other players too. They offered the bowler a huge sum of money to fix the match. So, the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) filed a FIR with the Bengaluru city police on Monday.

Ajit Singh Shekhawat, who heads the ACU, verified the claims, he told Hindustan Times, “She is India cricketer and an international cricketer, so the ICC conducted an inquiry into it. The ICC warned the person who made the approach and informed us and acknowledged that the cricketer has done the right thing by reporting the approach.”

According to reports, back in February this year, Rakesh Bafna and Jithendra Kothari approached a bowler in a hotel in Mumbai. She was in the city training with the National Cricket Academy. Bookies offered her a large amount of money for the India-England limited-overs series.

However, that was not the first time they approached her. Sources claim that Jithendra Kothari contacted the player via her Instagram account last year. He claimed to be a sport manager for many women cricketers and was based in Delhi. He was offering her managerial services. She declined. So, then he sent her a contract via a courier service to show his credibility. Even then, the female bowler did not sign.

Jithendra Kothari had two failed attempts with this bowler, but he tried the third time. This time when he contacted her, he roped in Rakesh Bafna, who claimed to have a business offer. However, using this bowler, Bafna tried to connect and lure the other cricketers as well. That is when the Indian female bowler reported it to the BCCI.

This is the first incident ever to hit the Indian women’s cricket team. Also, kudos to the bowler and the other players for making the right decision and keep the integrity of the sport intact.

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