Gautam Gambhir was bestowed the Arjuna Award and he was one of four international cricketers that scored hundreds in five consecutive Test matches. He had a rich cricketing history, so what is this new information that is tarnishing the play?

In a recent interview, Muhammad Irfan, a Pakistani pacer said in an interview that he finished Gautam Gambhir’s white-ball cricket. His bowling is what ended it. Bringing back old memories to life, he told Samaa TV, “When I played against India, they were not comfortable batting against me. Some of them told me in the 2012 series in India that they couldn’t sight my ball properly because of my height and also didn’t read my pace.”

He then turned his attention to Gautam Gambhir, who is now Member of Parliament on Lok Sabha. Irfan said, “He (Gambhir) didn’t like to face me in match or when both teams had nets, I always felt he avoided eye to eye contact with me. I remember I got out him four times in the 2012 limited over series and he was unnerved against me. I think his career ended because of me. He didn’t return to the team after that.”

Allegedly he mentioned that Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper also faced difficulty when Irfan bowled. He recounts the moment, “He told me he thought I would be around 130-135 kph but I had increased my pace and I was bowling around 145 kph and he had problems picking me up. Once when he was batting, he tried to pull a good length ball and missed.”

Muhammad Irfan then talks about his interaction with one of Indian’s favourite bowlers. This is what Irfan said about Singh. “Yuvraj, who was at the other end, told him in Punjabi, “Don’t try to pull him, rather try to cut him. Off my third ball, he went for a pull and was caught behind. Yuvi Paji told him… now go back.”

These are tall claims coming from a tall man – 7ft 1 inch. Will the Indian team, especially retaliate or address him? In the spirit of sportsmanship, what happens on the pitch, should stay on the pitch. 

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