They say, “The hardest battles are fought in the mind, not with the sword”.

Think about this quote for a moment. Now ask yourself – If you really want something, do you do something about it or wait for somebody else to hand it over to you? If this sounded confusing, here’s a little something you could’ve known by now about fantasy gaming – and it’s Game Theory.

Before diving deeper into it, let’s get the definition of this theory straight – “The science of decision-making and strategy of competing and independent actors in a completely strategic setting.”

First things first: There can’t be any blueprint to fantasy gaming since none of the optimal strategies would work here, such is the nature of gaming industry. Here, players work with imperfect information, imply strategy to it, and seek pure value to reach the level of precision. Now, moving away from the herd, as contradictory as it may sound, is not necessary. In fact, with daily fantasy cricket, listen to what the herd says. If you see a player in 50 line-ups, chances are, he/she is a quality value. Use the highest-owned players tactically, and you could maximize your projected points. 

Here’s an example–

Suppose you’re in a park and there’s a competition to identify the colour of pets in a particular zone – they’ll come out one by one and all you have to do is think about whether it’d be black or brown. Now, which one should you pick? In order to maximize the correct answers, it’s a prerequisite for you to know the common colour. Let’s say it’s black.

Trusting your strategy and mathematics, let’s give 60% weightage to black, 30% to brown, and keep a window open for 10% that could be a completely different colour. Since the game is about pure accuracy and there is no place for ‘random’ distribution, it’d be wise to say ‘black’ each time for a long-term win. But then again, you might want to shift your strategy if 50% of them that already walked out are brown.

This is easy. If you are getting specific points for every right answer, wherein, the total is changing on the basis of colour of the pets – suppose 70 for brown, and only 30 for the black ones. The point total is going to increase every time you pick brown, which is around a 7:3 ratio in a 2:1 scenario.

This is exactly how Game Theory can help when it comes to fantasy gaming. We strategically choose player A with B costs (called opportunity cost in Game Theory) and look for the quality players. This is how you need to find value in every game you play.

Here’s the most crucial part about implementing game theory into fantasy cricket

It doesn’t necessarily maximize the points; it’s implied to maximize the probability of winning the game – when used with right strategies and required skill. This theory is turning out to be such an important decision-making tool in fantasy gaming and otherwise that every player needs to know about it, or you’d be left behind in the race.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts   

Do’s –

  • You need to research and research a lot, but most importantly – Trust yourself. While it isn’t necessary to put 24 hours into it, putting in zero would be a disaster too. Dig into the numbers, run history checks on players and choose the teams wisely when you’re playing a game on fantasy cricket app.
  • There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to making the patterns. On the basis of games that you’ve played, analyze the stats and be present in the moment. Read your favorite analysts’ blogs and take part in discussions. Hear as many opinions as you can to choose what works best for you.


  • Know the difference between choosing a low-gem and an underperformer. If a specific player performed well in the last 5 matches, and couldn’t perform in the last one, you might want to research again.
  • The biggest Game Theory mistake you could commit is choosing players with low ownership. Make a chart with low-owned players and probability of them winning. Choose accordingly.

If there’s one thing we want to tell you – Make a comprehensive process, put your head, skill and strategies to it – Trust the process. Happy Gaming!

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