Probable XIs

South: Noelle Leo (wk), Malcolm Monrose, Xavier Gabriel, Jaylan Chandler, Wade Clovis (c), Wendell Inglis, Kyle Adonis, Shervon Leo, Kensley Paul, Joshua Mann, Kenrick James

North: Dane Edward, Dwight Thomas, Kurt Edward, Junior Peter (Wk), Awene Edward, Al Prince (c), Alleyn Prospere, Dexter Solomon, Rick Moses, Tyran Theordore, Hilarian Smith

Pitch Data

(Based on the last three matches at Darren Sammy Stadium)

1st innings avg. score: 98/5

2nd innings avg. score: 89/5


Batting 1st: 67%

Batting 2nd: 33%

Expert Teams

We have opted for fantasy cricket teams on basis of probable XIs, recent performances, overall impact, and credit points.

Team 1
Team 2


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