Expert Teams

We have opted for fantasy cricket teams on basis of probable XIs, recent performances, overall impact, and credit points.

Team 1
Team 2

Pitch Data

(Based on recent games)

1st innings avg. score: 99/3

2nd innings avg. score: 104/4


Batting 1st: 33%

Batting 2nd: 67%

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Probable XIs

Scarlet: Kamil Pooran, Joshua da Silva (wk), Tion Webster, Vikesh Harrylochan, Joshua Ramdoo, Khary Pierre (c), Bryan Charles, Dexter Sween, Philton Williams, Kyle Roopchand, Jordan Samkaran

Blue: Vikash Mohan, Nicholas Sookdeosingh, Hakeem Mitchell, Kenroy Williams, Mikkel Govia, James Duncan, Uthaman Mohammad (c), Antonio Gomez (wk), Tevon Jadoo, Jahrel Nedd, Stephon Ramdial


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