Probable XIs

City Stars: Tarryck Gabriel, Julian Sylvester (wk), Xytus Emmanuel, Shani Mesmain (c), Bradley Tisson, Ashely Hippoltye, Dalius Monrose, Tennacy Hipppoltye, Kevin Gassie, Jervan Charles, Wayne Prospere

Repos Stars: Sabinus Emmanuel (wk), Christian Charlery (c), Shadrack Descartes, Rohan Lesmond, Hazel Charlery, Keon Gaston, Shawnil Edward, Cody Lesmond, Dichege Henry, Marklin Sylvester, Brendon Bicar/Jamal Lesmond

Pitch Data

(Based on the last three matches at the Darren Sammy Stadium)

1st innings avg. score: 95/8

2nd innings avg. score: 93/6


Batting 1st: 67%

Batting 2nd: 33%

Expert Teams

We have opted for fantasy cricket teams on basis of probable XIs, recent performances, overall impact, and credit points.

Team 1
Team 2


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